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Country Friends Foundation Inc.
Promoting Christian Friendship and  Brotherly
Love through Music.
                   Country Friends Summer Party
This years annual Country Friends Summer Party was a great success,we had
36 or more singers and musicians and around 200 in attendance.(The exact
number is hard to keep track of because people are coming and leaving all the
time).The weather was beautiful,and many of the friends brought chairs and
congregated outside the tent.
 Jim Tate aka Mr. Magic set up in the small pavilion and entertained both the
young and old kids with his magic.
 The sound system had been giving us problems but it worked perfectly all day
and actually sounded better outside.
 The real heroes were
The Lady Friends ,they worked together beautifully to
make sure things went well.
 I wish to thank every one who helped in any way.

                                                 Oren W. Little