Country Friends Foundation Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of
Christian friendship and brotherly love through music.( Our Mission Statement )
Country Friends is a family oriented organization and to maintain these values it is necessary to
abide  by a few easy to follow rules, which have been in effect since our conception and are as
We meet each Friday and  Monday at the  Memorial Hall on Old Police Lodge Road in Colliers  (The
hall is located at the intersection of Harmon Creek Road and Old Police Lodge Road).We have
agreed to all the rules issued by this establishment ( see attachments )
plus the following

(1) The doors open at 5:00 PM starting time is 6:00 PM break down time is 10:00 PM at all locations
(2) If you plan to sing or play it is your responsibility to sign in. You will normally be called in the
order your signature appears on the list, the exception being those members using background
tapes or CDs will be grouped together at the beginning or the end of the list to insure continuity of
the program.

(3) Park only in those areas designated for parking.
BE CONSIDERATE, leave the areas near the front
and side doors for those who are handicapped and for the unloading and loading of equipment.

(4) Smoking is only permitted outside the buildings. Please use the containers provided for
cigarette butts
The consumption of alcohol any where on the property is prohibited at all
Country Friends events .      

(6) Children are to have adult supervision at all times and are not permitted in the kitchen
unsupervised. We are concerned about the accidental spilling of hot coffee or grease should they
try to serve themselves.

(7) Clean up your own mess,  unreported spills and garbage left at the tables create problems, if you
are physically unable to do this please report it to one of the staff at the main table.

There is to be no soliciting of any kind without the approval of Country Friends.

CC:                                                                                                  Oren W. Little   
Art Beal    V.P.
Mary Leoni  Secretary
Lou Groves  Financial Secretary
All Committee members     
Country Friends Foundation Inc.
Promoting Christian Friendship and  Brotherly Love
through Music.